White Cart Water Flood Prevention Scheme

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White Cart Water Flood Prevention Scheme

Access to Pollok, Greenbank and Auldhouse Park

All parks are now open to the public. Final soft landscape reinstatement is ongoing with grass seeding/cutting and weed control.

The White Cart Water has historically inflicted misery to residents and businesses in the south side of Glasgow over many decades.

Since 1908 there have been more than 20 significant floods caused by relatively minor storms. One of the most memorable was at Hogmanay 1984 when 500 homes in Battlefield and Langside were inundated and millions of pounds of damage caused. Only 12 days later floods inflicted further misery in the same area. In 1990 residents in the area were struck again. In 1994, the river burst its banks once more in various places including Paisley, and in 1999 families living in Cathcart and Langside suffered thousands of pounds of damage when the water reached waist height in their homes.

Glasgow City Council promoted a flood prevention scheme for the White Cart Water and its tributary the Auldhouse Burn. The Scottish Ministers approved the flood prevention scheme in 2006 and phases 1 and 2 were fully operational in September 2011.

In 2017, Glasgow City Council secured funding to enable the completion of the third and final phase of the scheme. The project team are currently finalising the design and plan to hold a public information day in summer/ autumn 2017 before construction works commencing in spring 2018.

Further information on Phase 3 can be found here


October 2019 - Flood defences are now complete. Final reinstatement of gardens and the community garden are underway.

August 2019 - Flood defences substantially complete with only 20m of flood defence wall remaining at WS3 (Old Castle Road). Garden reinstatement has commenced at WS3.

May 2019 - Works at WS26 have been substantially completed. At WS2 garden reinstatement is ongoing with the main construction activity being at WS3.

February 2019 - Works have been substantially completed at WS7, WS23, WS33, WS35A, WS35B, WS36, WS37 and WS99. Works remaining ongoing at WS2, WS3 and WS26

January 2019 - Works have commenced at WS26 - Bengal Street. These comprise 185m of flood defence wall and embankment. The works are planned to be completed by end of May 2019

November 2018 - Auldhouse and Greenbank Parks have now been re-opened to the public

June 2018 - Works commenced within Pollok Park

June 2018 - Installation of piles at Margaretta Buildings using silent techniques completed. We hope all residents and business owners agree that the installation was indeed silent.

May 2018 - Works commence at Greenbank Park and TA Centre and also at Damshot Crescent

April 2018 - Works commence at Snuff Mill Road, Hippingstones and Auldburn Road

March 2018 - Main site compound established at Damshot Crescent

February 2018 - Contractor, RJ McLeod appointed to deliver the next phase of the flood protection scheme